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Queen Candidates

Job Description



AYSO has proudly Sponsored Queen Candidates over the past several years.

We are proud to be part of our community and to support our Youth!


           Past AYSO Queen Candidates:

2012 - Heleana Alvarez

2011 - Stephanie Miranda Came in 2ND runner up!

2010 - Liliana Tinoco was our 3rd Queen Candidate to run!!

2009 - Gabriella Gonzales Was our 2nd Queen Candidate to run!!

2008 - Brittany Gregory Also 2nd runner up the very first Queen Candidate to represent AYSO!

All have been previous players and have made us proud!!


To run for our AYSO Flower Festival Queen candidate please click the button to the left.

Applications are due by the end of January each year!



Joaquin Paz Regional Commissioner 805jpaz@gmail.com
Luis Hilario Jr. Post Season Director lhilario5@yahoo.com
Jose Acosta Post Season acostas888x3@aol.com
Misa Lopez Referree Administrator lompocayso.referee@yahoo.com
Andy Zavala Asst. Referree Administrator hankdrew1958@comcast.net
Sarah Hilario Coach Administrator sarah76hilario@gmail.com
James Baca Coach Administrator jbtrips68@gmail.com
Lesa Keasler Registrar lompocregistrar77@gmail.com
Alan Gordon CVPA a.gordon934@yahoo.com
Dorine Fabing Treasurer dorine.fabing@verizon.net
Pia Terrones Safety Director piaterrones1@gmail.com


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Last modified: Thursday October 23, 2014