Instructions for Completing the Online Basic Referee Course

  1. You will need an AYSO ID Number to take the Online Course.  If you do not have, or do not know, your AYSO ID number then you may obtain one by logging into the eAYSO website and registering as a volunteer.  Go to and register as a new or returning volunteer.

  2. After you have obtained your AYSO ID Number, go to, find the Referee Training window and select Start Now.

  3. Enter your AYSO ID Number and last name.  You will be asked to verify/correct your information.  Then select the "Enter AYSO Online Training" button

  4. The Basic Referee Course should begin.  If not, you can select it from the Course dropdown menu.

  5. The interactive audio course should begin to play.  Note that, in my experience, it may take 15-20 seconds for each new page to load for the first time.  BE PATIENT.  I only experienced this delay the first time a viewed a page.  Once a page had loaded the first time, I could go back and replay that page without experiencing any delay, even if I logged out and back in.

  6. You may pause, return to and review the training material as many times as you wish.  In fact, you are encouraged to review the material multiple times so as to reinforce the information.

  7. Upon completion of the course material you will be asked to take a short 9 question practice test.  Be sure to select the "ANSWER" button after each question rather than the "NEXT" button in order to receive credit for that question.

  8. When you have successfully completed the practice test (you may take the test as many times as you wish) a certificate of completion will display.  Print the certificate and bring a copy with you to the class.  Also be sure to select the "Upload Results" button to record your course credit within eayso.

  9. Return to the website, find the Safe Haven Training window and select Start Now.  Complete the online Safe Haven training course in a similar fashion.  Complete the test, print the Certificate of Completion and bring a copy with you to the class.

  10. At the classroom session on September 23rd, we will review the online training material, answer questions, complete the field training session and administer the Basic Referee Exam.







Danno Jacobson

 U14 Girls - A Coach


Carlos Pacheco

 U14 Boys - A Coach


Anthony Nuņez

 U12 Girls - A Coach


Cornelio Garcia

 U12 Girls - B Coach


Edgardo Datuin

 U12 Boys - A Coach


Ernesto Ochoa

 U12 Boys- B Coach


Armando Pulido

 U10 Girls - A Coach


Frank Cobian

 U10 Girls - B Coach


Eddie Bolvito

 U10 Boys - A Coach


Dan McGahey

 U10 Boys - B Coach


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