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AYSO is rolling out a new program, Esign.  Every Single Registration must be completed online.  If you have never completed an online registration, here are some helpful hints before registration begins.

  1. You must go to EAYSO.org and create a signon for your child(ren).

  2. After you have created your signon you must call the National Office to link you child(ren) AYSO ID number with your signon. Please call 1-866-588-2976 to do so. The National Office is open Monday- Friday 8am 5pm EST.

  3. After you have the AYSO ID number linked to your sign-on, you can now to back to EAYSO.org to finish your registration. 

When you have registered your child, print the form and the payment confirmation. You must still attend the walk-in registration. Your child will not be placed on a team until you attend a registration.

Thank You for your patience and understanding



Tournament Results for Lompoc All-Star and Select Teams

Team Coach Nipomo Lompoc 5 Cities

Paso Robles

Santa Ynez SLO Area Q Playoffs Section 10 Playoffs State

All Star

U10 Boys Eddie Bolvito   3rd 1st   3rd        
U10 Girls Armando Pulido 2nd 3rd 3rd   2nd        
U12 Boys Edgardo Datuin 2nd   2nd 2nd
U12 Girls Anthony Nunez   3rd     3rd        
U14 Boys Carlos Pacheco 1st 3rd 1st 1st 2nd
U14 Girls Danno Jacobson 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st      


U10 Boys Dan McGahey   2nd   2nd 1st 1st      
U10 Girls Frank Cobian   3rd 4th     2nd      
U12 Boys Ernesto Ochoa     2nd 4th          
U12 Girls Cornelia Garcia   2nd   2nd 4th        

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Last modified: Friday February 13, 2015